Love Is Sexy

Over 24 years later, we're still in love.

Crazy, Hot Sex!

index-splash_jackpotWhen we got back to the motel after our night of hopping the strip clubs, we were both so horny we could hardly contain our excitement. It felt great, it felt like something fun and exciting was about to happen! Little did I know just how fun and exciting.

D dressed provocatively and coyly asked me, “How would you like your own private dancer?” Are you kidding me? I was instantly aroused and I felt like a young man entering a strip club for the first time. The whole idea of having her dance for me had my blood boiling and my dirty mind racing. I had just hit the jackpot! I set myself up in a chair and positioned myself for what I knew would be the best floor show of my life.

D has always been an extremely sexy dancer, having her put her talents toward being an erotic dancer was a natural. She moved in ways that were so much more sexy than the “bump and grind” rap song dancers we had just seen. Her choice of songs from the 70s and 80s erauntitled of rock and roll, her wonderfully sexy body and her undeniably hot moves had this man eating from her hand. I couldn’t resist reaching out and grabbing her, pulling her ass to me, reaching around to cup her breasts…..oh my, this was the absolute hottest lap dance I had ever received.

After nearly a full thirty minutes of the sexiest erotic dancing I had ever seen, I couldn’t wait any longer. I pushed her toward the bed and fell onto of it with her. I nuzzled and licked and sucked her breasts, my hands wildly roaming her body. I was in such a state of arousal I couldn’t decide where to attack her beautiful body so I slid down her legs until my face arrived between her thighs. Once there, my mouth closed onto her warm, wet pussy. I love eating her out and making her moan and writhe in ecstasy. I knew she was ready for the oral attention because as soon as my lips and tongue kissed her down there her hands went to my head and her hips starting grinding her crotch into my face. Yes! I love it when she fucks my face! When she gets aggressive and slutty in bed, I am the happiest man on Earth. The more she forced her pussy onto me, rubbing her wet juices hard into my face, the more we both were turned on. I slowly reached my hand up and slipped two fingers inside her. Now I was not only sucking, nibbling and licking her clit, but I had two of my fingers slowly stroking and rubbing her pussy on the inside. When she came, it was intense and from somewhere deeper than usual. We both sensed that. She stopped fucking my head as her body tensed and convulsed to her orgasm. I love experiencing her at her most sexual. It is what I find to be one of the biggest turn ons I have ever experienced.

The oral sex she had received was not the end. Our night had only just begun. She was about to get a right proper screwing and, unknown to either of us at this time, so was I!


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