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Erotic Stories


   We have been reading and enjoying erotic stories for years. One of our favorite activities is to leave a few copies of erotic stories lying in the bedroom or bathroom for us to read. As we read the stories, we rate them on a scale of 1 to 10, with ten being the best. I use a blue pen to rate the stories I have read and she uses a pink pen to rate the stories she has read. Once we have rated a story in a magazine, we sign the front cover to alert the other to check the table of contents for the rated stories.

   This story rating idea came about because it was a bit embarrassing or uncomfortable for one or the other of us to express certain fantasies out loud. This way, by rating something we have read, we share our turn-ons with each other without having to verbalize it. It has since made the both of us much more comfortable about expressing our sexuality, but we enjoy it so much that we continue to do it. I can certainly attest to the inner thrill I feel when I see a new story she has rated for me to read and I love leaving new ratings on stories I want to share with her.

   This not only gives us an insight into what turns each other on, but it is wonderful content for future fantasy play! It is great fun and it keeps the libido in an excited state for both of us. How cool is that?


January 1, 2011 Posted by | Erotic Fiction, Fantasy | 2 Comments