Love Is Sexy

Over 24 years later, we're still in love.

Strip Club

stripper-poleI know, strip club isn’t the politically correct term for these places of adult entertainment, but that’s what they are! If you are not visiting these places with your significant other, you are missing out! I know that my enjoyment is increased tenfold when my beloved is with me.

There is something very sexy about viewing erotic dance with your partner. it not only titillates but it gives ideas for our own private times. It is extended foreplay to go with your partner, believe me! My wife has bought lap dances for me and we have spent time together sharing a trip to the “V.I.P.” room. It built up some incredible sexual excitement in both of us and the sex we had when we got alone was amazing. As she called it, “it was mind blowing sex”.

This trip was no different. We were a bit turned off by the foul music some dancers chose and there were others that were obviously wanting to be somewhere else, but there was also a couple that were true professionals and cared about the entertainment value their time on stage presented.

Once we finished our time enjoying the adult entertainment, we headed back to our motel room and this is where things exploded! We did things we had never done before, we tried some things that pushed our own boundaries a little bit further out and we exhausted ourselves in some of the greatest sex of our relationship.

Next up, all the fun we had. You won’t want to miss it!


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