Love Is Sexy

Over 24 years later, we're still in love.

Out of Town Sex




Over this past weekend, we had some of the best sexual interactions of our nearly quarter century long love affair.

The weekend involved an out of town trip, some late night adventure and the predictable beginning of what we like to call “out of town” sex. The annual trip for my family reunion was the event that triggered the domino effect; trip, motel, club, familiar sex, hot motel sex!

The trip was by car and our destination was over three hundred miles from home. This is more than a sufficient distance from our home to allow us the feeling of anonymity that always interjects spice into our interactions in public and a bit of devilry into our attitudes. Have you ever wanted to play at being someone other than yourself? Going out of town is one of those times when you can act more extroverted, be a bit more aggressive, flirt a bit more when in public or any combination of all of these attributes. Playacting and letting your hair down with each other is definitely a spice that all life should seek to add!

Over the next four updates, I’ll talk about the other stages of our experience last weekend. It was amazing!


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