Love Is Sexy

Over 24 years later, we're still in love.

My First Story


This is my first attempt at writing an erotic story. This fantasy got her wet when she read it. I hope to write more in the future, this was fun!

I told you to come by work but you didn’t know why. You weren’t exactly sure what I was up to, but you knew by my secretive attitude and the smirk on my face that it was probably another of my naughty scenes hatched in my fertile imagination. All you knew about it was what you had read in the note I left for you at home. It simply said, “Put our toys in a bag, making sure you get your vibrators, lube, your restraints and your blindfold. Then come see me for the next step.”

I had stopped by a local hotel and rented a room earlier in the day. When I handed you a key to the room, you looked up at me with a puzzled look on your face. I said, “Go to the room and wait for me in a sexy, see through top and a thong. I’ll call just before I leave work and head to the hotel.” You did as you were told, but you wondered what I was planning. You had never seen me quite this mischievous before. The time went quickly, what with your imagination running wild and all.

I called the room from the lobby and told you to have your blindfold on before I walked in the door. When I came in you followed the sound me as I crossed the room strait to where you sat on the bed. I reached out, grabbed your hands and jerked you quickly to your feet. “You wore the sheer top and a thong as instructed, good girl.”, I said, “So far you have been very obedient. I like obedient sluts. Now kneel in this chair and lean forward over the back with your arms hanging over the sides.”, I ordered. You started to slowly climb into the chair backwards on your knees when I suddenly shoved you into it. “Now!”, I bellowed. You were now in the chair backwards. I quickly grabbed your arms, securing your wrists together with a strap that went under the chair. You could not leave the chair, stand up or turn around. You realized your ass and crotch were fully exposed behind you and open to whatever playtime I had in mind.

Your moans are the sounds of appreciation and knowing as your crotch is licked from clit to asshole. You love this. Just the nastiness of your crotch being on display is a turn on. The tongue flicking your clit, slipping between your lips and poking into your asshole only adds to the ecstasy. You push your ass back, trying to increase contact as your pussy is attacked from behind.

Just as suddenly as320x240 being jerked from the bed and into the chair, the oral pleasure ceases and your pussy is entered by a hard cock. Wow, you don’t know what I have been thinking about but judging by how hard your being fucked and the stiffness of it all, it must really be hot! “Damn, babe, you’re so fucking hard!”, you hiss between hurried breath. “How would you know?”, I ask. Your entire body jerks uncontrollably and tenses up as the sound of my voice and my words hit you. It’s not so much how I said it or so much the words I used. It was where I said it. Your mind spins, “If my husband is a few feet in front of my face, which is where his voice just came from, then who is fucking the hell out of me from behind?”


You jerk against your restraints, you try to move your ass and pussy into a less vulnerable position but it’s no use, you’re only rubbing his cock all over the inside of you. As you realize there is nothing you can do, you relax your body and begin slowly meeting his thrusts with your own. “Oh, look at her now. She’s fucking you back!” I say excitedly. “You slut.” I move into a better position to watch his cock pumping in and out of your cunt. It’s an amazing sight to see your cum glistening on his rigid pole as it slips easily in and out of you, your pussy lips shining as they wrap around his member. “Don’t forget, she is completely restrained and you can have her any way you want her. If you lube her up and numb her asshole, you can fuck her in the ass when you’re ready.” With that, I turn on the video camera and sit back as he fucks you like the slut you are.


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Erotic Stories


   We have been reading and enjoying erotic stories for years. One of our favorite activities is to leave a few copies of erotic stories lying in the bedroom or bathroom for us to read. As we read the stories, we rate them on a scale of 1 to 10, with ten being the best. I use a blue pen to rate the stories I have read and she uses a pink pen to rate the stories she has read. Once we have rated a story in a magazine, we sign the front cover to alert the other to check the table of contents for the rated stories.

   This story rating idea came about because it was a bit embarrassing or uncomfortable for one or the other of us to express certain fantasies out loud. This way, by rating something we have read, we share our turn-ons with each other without having to verbalize it. It has since made the both of us much more comfortable about expressing our sexuality, but we enjoy it so much that we continue to do it. I can certainly attest to the inner thrill I feel when I see a new story she has rated for me to read and I love leaving new ratings on stories I want to share with her.

   This not only gives us an insight into what turns each other on, but it is wonderful content for future fantasy play! It is great fun and it keeps the libido in an excited state for both of us. How cool is that?

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Freshly Done

Our HNT #5 is one that brings a huge smile to my face. She is freshly fucked, still blindfolded and secured to the bed….


I love the leggings and the stiletto shoes. She wore them as part of an erotic outfit she made for me.

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HNT #4

Our 4th post for HNT is a nice flash she gave me…


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HNT #3

Our 3rd HNT (Half-Nekkid Thursday) post!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I am so very thankful for my wonderful wife!

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Crazy, Hot Sex!

index-splash_jackpotWhen we got back to the motel after our night of hopping the strip clubs, we were both so horny we could hardly contain our excitement. It felt great, it felt like something fun and exciting was about to happen! Little did I know just how fun and exciting.

D dressed provocatively and coyly asked me, “How would you like your own private dancer?” Are you kidding me? I was instantly aroused and I felt like a young man entering a strip club for the first time. The whole idea of having her dance for me had my blood boiling and my dirty mind racing. I had just hit the jackpot! I set myself up in a chair and positioned myself for what I knew would be the best floor show of my life.

D has always been an extremely sexy dancer, having her put her talents toward being an erotic dancer was a natural. She moved in ways that were so much more sexy than the “bump and grind” rap song dancers we had just seen. Her choice of songs from the 70s and 80s erauntitled of rock and roll, her wonderfully sexy body and her undeniably hot moves had this man eating from her hand. I couldn’t resist reaching out and grabbing her, pulling her ass to me, reaching around to cup her breasts…..oh my, this was the absolute hottest lap dance I had ever received.

After nearly a full thirty minutes of the sexiest erotic dancing I had ever seen, I couldn’t wait any longer. I pushed her toward the bed and fell onto of it with her. I nuzzled and licked and sucked her breasts, my hands wildly roaming her body. I was in such a state of arousal I couldn’t decide where to attack her beautiful body so I slid down her legs until my face arrived between her thighs. Once there, my mouth closed onto her warm, wet pussy. I love eating her out and making her moan and writhe in ecstasy. I knew she was ready for the oral attention because as soon as my lips and tongue kissed her down there her hands went to my head and her hips starting grinding her crotch into my face. Yes! I love it when she fucks my face! When she gets aggressive and slutty in bed, I am the happiest man on Earth. The more she forced her pussy onto me, rubbing her wet juices hard into my face, the more we both were turned on. I slowly reached my hand up and slipped two fingers inside her. Now I was not only sucking, nibbling and licking her clit, but I had two of my fingers slowly stroking and rubbing her pussy on the inside. When she came, it was intense and from somewhere deeper than usual. We both sensed that. She stopped fucking my head as her body tensed and convulsed to her orgasm. I love experiencing her at her most sexual. It is what I find to be one of the biggest turn ons I have ever experienced.

The oral sex she had received was not the end. Our night had only just begun. She was about to get a right proper screwing and, unknown to either of us at this time, so was I!

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HNT #2

Our second HNT (half-nekkid Thursday) post!


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Strip Club

stripper-poleI know, strip club isn’t the politically correct term for these places of adult entertainment, but that’s what they are! If you are not visiting these places with your significant other, you are missing out! I know that my enjoyment is increased tenfold when my beloved is with me.

There is something very sexy about viewing erotic dance with your partner. it not only titillates but it gives ideas for our own private times. It is extended foreplay to go with your partner, believe me! My wife has bought lap dances for me and we have spent time together sharing a trip to the “V.I.P.” room. It built up some incredible sexual excitement in both of us and the sex we had when we got alone was amazing. As she called it, “it was mind blowing sex”.

This trip was no different. We were a bit turned off by the foul music some dancers chose and there were others that were obviously wanting to be somewhere else, but there was also a couple that were true professionals and cared about the entertainment value their time on stage presented.

Once we finished our time enjoying the adult entertainment, we headed back to our motel room and this is where things exploded! We did things we had never done before, we tried some things that pushed our own boundaries a little bit further out and we exhausted ourselves in some of the greatest sex of our relationship.

Next up, all the fun we had. You won’t want to miss it!

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Motel Sex


When we indulge ourselves and stay in a motel, whether it’s out of town or across town, we take full advantage of the opportunity for great sex.

Settling in to a motel is exciting for us because we know this is our time for letting inhibitions go, trying something new or just getting wilder than we are able to at home. The fact that we don’t know the people on the other side of the wall lends a certain devil-may-care attitude to our lovemaking and we usually find ourselves going at each other quite lustily and in an elevated tone of voice. In other words, we scream and we say “fuck me” a lot. LoL Can you say hot sex in the city?

So, we’ve taken a trip out of town, we’ve located a room in a motel with a bed and a TV for background noise and we have the next night or two of sexual freedom looming in our future. Taking advantage of these times is important to keeping you excited with your sex life. It’s also important to use these times for exploration and expansion. Have you been wanting to see how that new position you read about feels? Do you have an urge to tie up your lover and spank her, or him, with a firm hand? Outside the walls of your own home is the best place for experimentation of the wilder kind. If things get too wild, you won’t have to explain yourself to anyone down the hall and if things go a bit awry, you don’t have the memory imprinted in your own bedroom. Both observations are important to both of our long term sexual health.

These “sex getaways” have become our pressure release valve. These are the times we can cut loose and howl at the moon. If you find yourselves feeling like you’re in a rut and you have a hard time remembering your last time on an overnight excursion, maybe it’s time to get away and screw each other back into sanity. Get out of the house and get a room!


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Out of Town Sex




Over this past weekend, we had some of the best sexual interactions of our nearly quarter century long love affair.

The weekend involved an out of town trip, some late night adventure and the predictable beginning of what we like to call “out of town” sex. The annual trip for my family reunion was the event that triggered the domino effect; trip, motel, club, familiar sex, hot motel sex!

The trip was by car and our destination was over three hundred miles from home. This is more than a sufficient distance from our home to allow us the feeling of anonymity that always interjects spice into our interactions in public and a bit of devilry into our attitudes. Have you ever wanted to play at being someone other than yourself? Going out of town is one of those times when you can act more extroverted, be a bit more aggressive, flirt a bit more when in public or any combination of all of these attributes. Playacting and letting your hair down with each other is definitely a spice that all life should seek to add!

Over the next four updates, I’ll talk about the other stages of our experience last weekend. It was amazing!

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